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Curriculum - Syllabus

WEEK 0 and 1

Getting Set Up

Week 0 (Bonus) Setting up your GitHub account

What is HTML? Popular HTML Tags Basic HTML Layout Inputs, Forms, Buttons Importing Scripts What is CSS? Classes Inline Style vs Style Tag vs External File Margin Padding Div Assignment #1

Week 1

Introduction & Daily Schedule Access to Slack Channel Access to Video Lesson Library Installing JDK or STS (IntelliJ) Code Review Process 


Java Basics  

Primitive Types Data Types IF statement IF else statement IF, ELSE IF, ELSE statement = vs == vs .equals() & &s && | vs || Console Input/Output  


Java Basics (Continued)  

For Loops i++ vs ++i While Loops Methods What is an Object? Constructors Assignment #2  

NOTE: No Week 4 Lessons (US Thanksgiving week)  


Strings and File I/O  

String Manipulation String Helpers RegEx Exceptions Creating a Custom Exception Files I/O Assignment #3  


Important Object Concepts  

Overriding Overloading Packages New Keyword Casting Fields Getters and Setters This Keyword Static Keyword  


Important Object Concepts (Continued)  

Inheritance Polymorphism Access Modifiers Interfaces Abstract Classes and Methods Arrays Sorting (Comparator) Sorting (Comparable) Assignment #4

NOTE: No Week 8 Lessons ( Christmas week) 


Collections and Java 8  

Lists Sets HashMap Lambdas Streams Java 8 Collecting Stream Data (.collect) Multi-Threading with Streams Optional Keyword Java 8 Filters Java 8 Mapping Default Keyword for Interfaces Enums Assignment #5 



Unit Testing

What is Unit Testing? What is Test Driven Development Unit Testing Examples What is Mocking Mockito Mockito Examples Assignment #6  

Date and Time

Calendar java.util.Date vs java.util.LocalDate java.util.Time vs java.util.LocalTIme Assignment #7


Advanced Concepts

Serialization Multi-Threading Design Patterns Generics Reflection Assignment #8



JSON HTTP Requests (GET, POST,PUT, DELETE) HTTP Parameters and Body Rest Template ResponseEntity Base 64 encode/decode HTTP Basic Auth Assignment #9 


Spring Framework

Inversion of Control Autowiring on fields Autowiring in constructors Components Application context| @configuration @componenScan PropertySource with PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer @value @scope singleton vs prototype @qualifier @profile Assignment #10 


Spring MVC

Controlers RequestEntity Services Model Views with Thymeleaf @PathVariable @RequestParam Assignment #11

WEEK 15 


Dependency Management POM group / artifact / version <dependencies> 

Spring Security

What is Spring Security? Getting Started Setup Spring Security Adding Login Page Encoding your Passwords Creating a User Details Service Implementing User Details Testing User Details Service Let's Talk Databases What is Cross Site Request Forgery? How to Log Out @AuthenticationPrincipal Annotation @Secured Annotation 

WEEK 16 


Static vs. Dynamic Typing Variables in JS Arrays Objects DOM Fetch() API Promises Query Selector AddEventListener Assignment #12 


MySQL DB course part 1

Tables Rows Keys Relationship between tables Foreign Key Select One-to-Many  


MySQL DB course part 2

Many-to-Many One-to-One Select with Join Select IN Grouping Data Assignment #13

Week 19

ORM Hibernate (Part 1)

What is an ORM? JPA vs. Hibernate Why we're focusing on Spring-Data-Jpa @Entity @OneToMany @OneToOne @ManyToMany  

Week 20

ORM Hibernate (Part 2)

JpaRepository (show CRUD functionality) Query Methods (findBy) Query Methods (Between) + More Query Methods Assignment #14

Week 21-24

Development Project

Agile Methodology AWS Deployment Example Workshops Develop your own application with everything you've learned Certificate of Completion 

Week 25-26

Find the Job/Career

Interview Preparation (Bonus) Resume Writing (Bonus) Mock Interview with Trevor Hook up with Hiring Agency 

Bonus: Post Bootcamp Completion Bootcamp material is updated on a continual basis with new courses/lessons added regularly Lifetime access to all Bootcamp material with no annual maintenance costs Access to future webinar masterclasses  

"You managed to do something no other online school was able to do for me. Actually engage me into what you were saying and teaching. And I felt like I was actually learning how programmers actually build Web applications through Java" - J.D Kemp

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